About the artist

My first lamp

My first “real” lamp
circa 1992.

Lighting as fusion is the best way to describe my lamps—a blend of many styles and influences into one unique, contemporary vision.

My collection of “cool handmade lamps” have Scandinavian, Asian, Craftsman, mid-century and many other influences, and were born from a love of sculpture, architecture, nature and light.

The lamps are constructed from fine woods and rich, textured papers from around the world, and are available in pre-selected combinations, semi-custom, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind art lamps.

After a 25-year career as a graphic designer and art director, including a stint as a partner in my own design firm in Kansas City, in 2005 I decided to follow an emerging dream and devote myself exclusively to creating things of beauty and light.

Actually, my days at Pleasant Company, home of the American Girl dolls and books, was a pivotal step. There, I learned about bringing a product to market and created light sculptures for 
colleagues as gifts. 

But my inspirations were there from childhood. My father, an art educator, filled our home with books and his own art which weren’t your typical fare in northern Indiana. There was also a plethora of art materials to experiment with. 

I immersed myself in art history, architecture, sculpture and design. As a teen it wasn’t uncommon for me to hole up in my room and build with anything at hand – album covers, chairs, books, blankets and sheets. And no matter what I built, I had to light it in some way, reveling in the interplay of shadow on form. At the time it was just incredible fun.

Architecture was my first choice as a career, but I moved easily into graphic design at the College of Design, Art and Architecture at the University of Cincinnati.

As a commercial artist I spend my time designing for others, and even though there’s always a part of me in every design, these designs are my most personal creations to date.

I continue as a free-lance designer in Madison, Wisconsin. My lamp studio is a cluttered but inspirational space in my basement. As is the nature of fusion, the ideas keep coming, evolving, surprising.

If you’d like to hear me talk about my lamps, visit Greg Mischio’s Blog “MishMash" for a downloadable podcast interview.